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Dr. Barb Brady and IDN were recently featured in a Stroll Magazine article.

Success isn’t just about what you achieve, it’s also about what you inspire others to do. 

Everyone had a great time at our Sip & Paint Event!

ACES Training Series
Dr. Barb Brady training ACES 101, 102, & 103

Watch the video to hear what the participants
had to say about the series training. 

Neurodivergent & Accessibility
"What is Neurodivergence?"

IDN recently trained the staff of Westbrook Health Services in Parkersburg about Neurodivergence.

Watch the video to learn more about our the training and 
hear what the participants had to say.

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Neurodivergent Training

Westbrook Health Services • Friday, March 5, 2024


Our mission is to Inspire, Develop & Nurture youth & their network to foster stronger, safer, more connected communities.


We envision a thriving West Virginia that has become the model

for positive change in youth & community development.

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Inspiring Dreams Network works with youth-serving adults to:


  • Inspire youth to discover their potential and explore their interests  

  • Help youth to stay focused 

  • Recognize and address mental health issues 

  • Coach at-risk youth to be successful using evidence-based and vetted best practices

  • Build community relationships


Advancing Best Practices in Youth Development

Training Adult Networks to Support and Inspire Youth

Supporting Youth and Their Network Through Our Resource Portal

Youth Conference

IDN challenges and supports youth-serving adults to inspire youth

to discover and achieve their potential.    


To change the trajectory of at-risk youth from being unsuccessful to becoming engaged in personal growth and perseverance not only in school but also in the community.

Our mission is carried out through building the capacity of youth-serving adults in existing community organizations in best practices in success-coaching, mentoring, mental health and social supports, and inspiring career dreams through ongoing training and connecting with resources.

Female Presenter

IDN seeks to change the trajectory of at-risk youth



IDN Founding
Board Members

Pallottine Foundation of Huntington

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation



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