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We are excited to offer a new opportunity for our partners... mini info sessions or COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHTS that feature people, programs, and resources to improve youth development in WV.


Anyone is welcome to tune in, including youth, families, and the adults who serve youth. Our goal is to support our network to build stronger, more connected communities that engage and inspire youth to reach their potential. 


The mental health of our students in West Virginia is directly impacted by how well our mental health agencies, schools, parents and the community at large collaborate with each other.

The ESMH Model

The WV ESMH Initiative exists so that every student in West Virginia can benefit from a school environment that supports social and emotional wellbeing to achieve his or her full potential.

To learn more watch the video!


Regional Transition Navigator Services (RTNS) is an initiative at the WVU Center for Excellence in Disabilities to support struggling youth between the ages of 14 and 25. The RTNS team works directly with at-risk youth and young adults to address their needs as they move toward independence. This can include assistance with challenges such as housing, employment, mental health and/or recovery services, academic support, food insecurity and more. The eligibility requirements include, they must be 14 to 25 years of age, must live in the state of West Virginia, and must be facing, or have a history of, Severe Mental Illness (SMI), Substance Use Disorder (SUD), and/or fear of becoming homeless. Their services are free, and referrals can be made through the RTNS website. This info session will provide more details about the program and how to refer for services.


Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023 - 12:00 - 12:30pm

Connecting Kids to Coverage West Virginia (CKCWV) is a federally funded project, managed by Think Kids, that brings together partners from around the state to enroll and re-enroll kids and families in Medicaid and CHIP. CKCWV is part public relations campaign and part school-based and afterschool-based interventions-- going to where the kids are to ensure families are aware of potential changes to their health insurance, particularly as the public health emergency unwinds and states must undergo the daunting task of re-enrolling hundreds of thousands of West Virginians back in its largest health insurance programs. This information session will explain why this project is so important at this moment, what the effects of the end of the public health emergency will have on affected families, and how participants can join in the work to ensure all of West Virginia's kids and their families have health insurance.


Kelli Caseman, MA • Think Kids WV


Expanded School Mental Health (ESMH)

The WV ESMH Initiative exists so that every student in West Virginia can benefit from a school environment that supports social and emotional wellbeing to achieve his or her full potential. Schools, families, and strategic community partners assume a shared responsibility to provide mental health support for ALL students. ESMH includes prevention, early intervention, and treatment that are naturally integrated into the school day, so students do not have to leave school to get the support they need. This spotlight will help you understand ESMH, determine if it is in your local school, and how to best help students benefit.

PRESENTER: Tiffany Pittman

School Mental Health Coordinator

School Health Technical Assistance Center

Division of Community Health

Marshall University School of Medicine


The West Virginia Defending Childhood Initiative, commonly referred to as “Handle With Care,” is tailored to reflect the needs and issues affecting children in West Virginia. The Initiative, a result of a collaborative effort of key stakeholders and partners, builds upon the success of proven programs throughout the country. The goal of the Initiative is to prevent children’s exposure to trauma and violence, mitigate negative affects experienced by children’s exposure to trauma, and to increase knowledge and awareness of this issue.

Recorded December 16, 2022



Quality afterschool programs are vital to so many WV youth and we'd love to see more youth engaged in meaningful afterschool experiences. The West Virginia Statewide Afterschool Network (WVSAN), housed in the WVU Extension, works to increase access and improve quality of afterschool and summer learning programs for all school-age youth. Join us for a 30 minute overview of WVSAN and what they can do to help grow and support afterschool programs in your community.

Recorded November 17, 2022

WV Statewide


We've all heard of BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS, but where are they in WV, and how can we connect? This week's spotlight will answer those questions.

Recorded November 3, 2022

Big Brothers
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