We are excited to offer a new opportunity for our partners... mini info sessions or COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHTS that feature people, programs, and resources to improve youth development in WV.


Anyone is welcome to tune in, including youth, families, and the adults who serve youth. Our goal is to support our network to build stronger, more connected communities that engage and inspire youth to reach their potential. 

Well post our next Community Spotlight soon!

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We've all heard of BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS, but where are they in WV, and how can we connect? This week's spotlight will answer those questions.

Recorded November 3, 2022



Quality afterschool programs are vital to so many WV youth and we'd love to see more youth engaged in meaningful afterschool experiences. The West Virginia Statewide Afterschool Network (WVSAN), housed in the WVU Extension, works to increase access and improve quality of afterschool and summer learning programs for all school-age youth. Join us for a 30 minute overview of WVSAN and what they can do to help grow and support afterschool programs in your community.

Recorded November 17, 2022