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If you are a youth serving organization and wish to request a training contact 

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To help us plan future training needs, please complete our Training Needs Survey.

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MUSHTAC 2024 Summer Webinar Series

West Virginia Expanded School Mental Health

Save the dates for the 2024 Summer Webinar Series, hosted by the Marshall University School Health Technical Assistance Center. All sessions are free.

The West Virginia University Center for Excellence in Disabilities (WVU CED) is hosting a three-part Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) webinar series via Zoom for parents and caregivers of children with disabilities who are up to 12 years old. These free webinars provide general information about promoting child development.

In each webinar, a Parent Network Specialist and Triple P practitioner from the Family to Family program will lead the presentation. A behavior specialist from the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program will also participate to conduct a Questions & Answer session for tips and strategies. Parenting Tip Packets will be made available to all participants. 

Registration is free but required. Simply click on the ZOOM link provided to register and receive the login info.


July 2024 Seminar Series

July 16 - 18, 2024 11:00 a.m. EST

Tuesday, July 16: The Power of Positive Parenting
Wednesday, July 17: Raising Confident, Competent Children
Thursday, July 18: Raising Resilient Children


Use the link below to register for one, two or all seminars.


Understanding Social Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, 
Using Mindfulness to Manage Big Emotions & Improve Relationships,
Job Burnout Risk Factors, Promoting Employee Wellness, and much more

As always, these events are absolutely free & everyone is welcome!

Attendance certificates provided at no cost

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Understanding Social Anxiety | Tues 7/2 | 12-1:00p CDT
It's normal to feel nervous in some social situations, but social anxiety disorder involves more than temporary discomfort when giving a presentation or making small talk. Explore the symptoms of social anxiety disorder, learn what the possible causes are, how it is treated, and strategies to manage symptoms and support loved ones who are struggling.
Register here

Boundary IQ | Wed 7/3 | 10-11:00a CDT
Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries can be a challenging task. Some people grew up in environments where setting boundaries was not emphasized or valued, resulting in struggles to establish boundaries in adulthood. Fear of conflict, a tendency to prioritize others' approval, or past experiences of invalidation or disrespect can also contribute to difficulties in setting and maintaining boundaries. Discuss the role of boundaries in relationships and learn how to implement healthy boundaries in this one-hour seminar with a licensed therapist.
Register here

Creating a Low-Stress Environment and Minimizing Crises | Wed 7/3 | 12-1:00p CDT
People are susceptible to strain from a number of sources including work and school obligations, illness, finances, interpersonal conflict, and more. Learn strategies to create and maintain a low-stress environment, identify & respond to ‘red flags’, and communicate in times of crisis.
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Using Mindfulness to Manage Big Emotions & Improve Relationships | Mon 7/15 | 12-1:00p CDT
People often assume that mindfulness won’t work for kids who struggle to sit quietly. That isn’t true. And there is extensive research supporting the effectiveness of mindfulness in decreasing anger, stress, and anxiety, and improving relationships with other people. Learn how mindfulness influences the brain, strategies to help kids understand & accept their emotions, and techniques to practice at home. Part 1 in a two-part series. 
Register here

Understanding ADHD | Tues 7/16 | 12-1:00p CDT
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is more than hyperactive people and short attention spans. Explore the causation, symptoms, and treatment options for ADHD and learn practical tips to manage symptoms and support loved ones who are struggling in this one-hour seminar.
Register here

Understanding Trauma | Wed 7/17 | 10-11:00a CDT
Trauma is defined by the emotional and psychological effect an event has on people, and less by the event itself. Explore the science of trauma and discuss how trauma impacts physical & mental health with a licensed therapist.
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Understanding Compassion Fatigue & Burnout | Wed 7/17 | 12-1:00p CDT
Does compassion cause suffering? When does it go too far and how can caregivers protect their own wellbeing? Learn the warning signs, who is at risk, and how to restore your emotional energy with a licensed therapist.
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Understanding Psychotherapy | Thurs 7/18 | 12-1:00p CDT
How does talk therapy work? Who benefits? How do you find a good therapist? Discuss the reasons why people go to therapy, what the process truly looks like, and how to find a qualified professional in this one-hour seminar. 
Register here

Understanding Depression | Tues 7/23 | 12-1:00p CDT
How is depression different from sadness? An accessible guide to understanding causation, symptoms, and treatment options for depressive disorders. 
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Understanding Narcissistic Personality Disorder | Wed 7/24 | 10-11:00a CDT
People often label others as narcissists without having a clear understanding of what this diagnosis really means. Explore the signs and symptoms, causes, and treatment of this often-misunderstood diagnosis. Separate myths and facts and learn how to manage symptoms with a licensed therapist. 

Register here

Understanding Oppositional Defiant Disorder | Wed 7/24 | 12-1:00p CDT
It’s not unusual for children and teenagers to be defiant, and to question authority on occasion. Discuss how disordered behavior is distinguished from typical child development and explore the diagnostic criteria, causes, and treatment of oppositional defiant disorder in this one-hour seminar.
Register here

Understanding Dissociative Disorders | Thurs 7/25 | 12-1:00p CDT
Dissociation changes your sense of time and identity, and makes people feel disconnected from their thoughts, feelings, and memories. It's a normal phenomenon that most people experience at some point, though some will develop a dissociative disorder that requires treatment. Explore the types of dissociative disorders, their symptoms, prevalence & causation, and how they're treated.

Register here

Meditation & Guided Imagery for Kids & Teenagers | Mon 7/29 | 12-1:00p CDT
Meditation helps us connect with our emotions, reduce anger, and improve relationships with other people. Learn methods for teaching meditation to children, integrating meditation into the home routine, and establishing a space for family meditation in this one-hour seminar with a licensed therapist. Part 2 in a two-part series. 
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Special Issues in Women's Mental Health | Tues 7/30 | 12-1:00p CDT
Women with premenstrual disorders are much more likely to have birth-related depression, according to researchers. And the relationship works both ways: those with perinatal depression are also more likely to develop premenstrual disorders after pregnancy and childbirth. These are severe and chronic conditions that need medical attention and treatment. Explore the symptoms, causation, and treatment of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, Perinatal Depression, and Perinatal Anxiety and learn practical strategies to manage symptoms with a licensed therapist.
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Work Stress & Burnout: Risk Factors & Treatment Options | Wed 7/31 | 10-11:00a CDT
Stress is something we all experience in our personal and professional lives. But when stress is severe or prolonged (or both), it can impact our physical and mental health in major ways. Learn practical tips to manage distress to avoid career burnout and discuss effective ways to cope with a licensed therapist.
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Employee Wellness in the Post-Pandemic Era | Wed 7/31 | 12-1:00p CDT
As we enter the fifth year of the pandemic it is important to recognize the lasting effects of the traumatic experiences brought on by Covid, and the impact these experiences have on mental health. Discuss ways to enhance self-care in the workplace, build resilient teams, and create a trauma-informed workplace.
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Audience and Lecturer

Anger Management for Youth is a free, interactive session where participants will learn strategies to identify and cope with their anger in healthier ways. Parent tans caregivers are highly encouraged to attend with their child. This training is designed for youth ages 10 - 17 years of age, though sessions are separated by age range, elementary (8-12 years) and secondary (13-17). A certificate of attendance will be given upon completion of end of session survey.

March 26, 2024 (secondary) 4:00 – 5:00pm 

May 28, 2024 (elementary) 4:00 – 5:00pm 

July 30, 2024 (secondary) 4:00 – 5:00pm 

September 24, 2024 (elementary) 4:00 – 5:00pm 

November 26, 2024 (secondary) 4:00 – 5:00pm

Training Objectives:

  • Identify what it feels like to be angry

  • Discuss stress reduction tactics

  • Practice relaxation strategies such as progressive muscle relaxation


Because this is a session for children and adolescence, there are no CEUs available. Providers and educators interested in becoming a facilitator can find more information about this training here:



Positive Behavior Support Program

Center for Excellence in Disabilities (CED)

West Virginia University

959 Hartman Run Road

Morgantown, WV 26505


Fax (877)706-4692

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Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia announces two upcoming Mandated Reporter 
Train-the-Trainer Workshops, June 11 in Morgantown and June 18th in Charleston.

You are invited to apply to become a certified trainer. Limited spots are available, so please apply today. Workshops will be held from 10-4:00 in Morgantown on June 11 and 10-4:00 in Charleston on June 18.


Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia has updated our "Making a Difference: Mandate to Report, Responsibility to Prevent Child Abuse & Neglect" Curriculum. The updated curriculum incorporates additional information regarding distinguishing between poverty and neglect, addressing bias for mandated reporters, and ways to offer support to families in addition to how to make a report to the CPS hotline.


This workshop will prepare you to be a Certified Trainer for the "Making a Difference" curriculum in order to provide this 2-hour mandated reporter training in your community. The Train-the-Trainer Workshop will review the "Making a Difference" curriculum and materials along with teach backs for Trainers as part of the certification process.


For more information or to submit an application, please use this link:


Questions? Please contact our Training Coordinator, Ashley Adams, at

Laughing During a Meeting

This free training will provide professionals with ideas on how to implement positive behavior support techniques with people who have experienced trauma. Participants will create a Positive Behavior Support Plan for themselves throughout the class to aid in applying the overall principles to their everyday lives. Discussion will be centered on different approaches to looking at behavior through a trauma-informed lens. This training is especially beneficial for professionals assisting people who have experienced traumas and are having challenging behaviors as a result of those traumas.

After attending, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the impact of trauma on emotional and behavioral functioning and survival mechanisms

  • Identify how to create a functionally equivalent replacement behavior

  • Develop ways to create individualized positive behavior support interventions


2 Social Work CEUs will be offered for this training.

Visit Our Website to Learn More or to Register

Online Training Dates:
Date: January 11, 2024
Time: 1:00 – 3:00PM EST
Training Location:
Zoom Meeting (a link for accessing will be sent upon registration) 

(Please note: The online registration page typically closes a few days in advance of the webinar or when registration reaches maximum capacity.)


For Questions
Phone Number: 855-558-4296


The PBS Program is funded through a grant with the WV Bureau for Behavioral Health.

Positive Behavior Support Program

Center for Excellence in Disabilities (CED)

West Virginia University

959 Hartman Run Road

Morgantown, WV 26505

1-855-558-4296. •. Fax (877)706-4692

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Introducing Virtual Statewide Sibshops!

These virtual Sibshops are for children ages 7-12 who have a sibling with a disability. They will have the opportunity to meet other siblings, talk with other who "get it", and learn more about disabilities and the services their sibling may receive. This is a chance for children to feel heard in their experiences as a sibling while having fun, playing goofy games and making friends!

Upcoming Sibshops:

Monday, January 15
Monday, February 19
Monday, March 18

All Sibshops happen from 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. EST.

Spring schedule will be released soon! This is a free online event with limited spots available. Registration is required. Click the button to register.

For more information, contact Courtney Ringstaff at

If you are a youth serving organization and wish to request a training contact 

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