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If you are a youth serving organization and wish to request a training contact 

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To help us plan future training needs, please complete our Training Needs Survey.


Live events, free and on-demand programming, expert talks & local resources — we’ve got everything you need to learn about mental health.

Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | Tues 2/7 | 12-1:00p CST
OCD manifests differently in different people – and involves much more than anxiety about germs or compulsions to clean. This one-hour webinar provides an accessible guide to understanding this often-misunderstood diagnosis, including symptoms of OCD, co-occurring disorders, and treatment options. Learn practical tips for managing symptoms and helping others.

I Don't Need Help: Supporting People Who Can't See Their Mental Illness | Wed 2/8 | 12-1:00p CST
Why do people sometimes reject help? Discuss the reasons why people refuse mental health care and how to respond & cope in this one-hour seminar with a licensed therapist.

Responding in a Mental Health Emergency | Thurs 2/9 | 12-1:00p CST
We know what to do when someone breaks their arm: brace it and go to the hospital. But what should you do when someone is experiencing a mental health emergency? Learn what causes crisis situations and the warning signs, how to respond, and what to do once the crisis has ended.

Supporting Emotional Regulation in Youth: Managing Emotional Storms | Mon 2/13 | 12-1:00p CST
Despite our best efforts to prepare children to manage big storms of emotions, they will struggle sometimes. Managing emotional storms takes emotional & physical maturity, and practice. In this webinar we’ll look at the warning signs that indicate an emotional storm is on the horizon, interventions to support children when they feel an emotional storm brewing, and how to reduce the impact of the storm. 
Sponsored by Polk County Iowa’s Behavioral Health and Disability Services agency

Understanding Trauma | Tues 2/14 | 12-1:00p CST
Trauma is defined by the emotional and psychological effect an event has on people, and less by the event itself. Explore the science of trauma and discuss how trauma impacts physical & mental health with a licensed therapist.

Understanding PTSD | Wed 2/15 | 12-1:00p CST
Trauma impacts everyone differently, depending on the nature of the trauma, presence or lack of social supports, access to treatment, and coping strategies. This one-hour seminar provides an accessible guide to understanding what causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, its symptoms, co-occurring disorders, and treatment options. Learn practical tips for managing symptoms and helping others in this one-hour seminar.

Understanding Agoraphobia | Thurs 2/16 | 12-1:00p CST
Often believed to be a fear of leaving the house, agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that runs much deeper.  Join us to develop a more thorough understanding of what agoraphobia is, what causes it, and how it is treated. Learn tips to manage symptoms and support loved ones with a licensed therapist.

Understanding Eating Disorders | Tues 2/21 | 12-1:00p CST
Although our culture is preoccupied with food and weight, and disordered patterns of eating are very common, clinical diagnosis of eating disorders is less common. Even for professionals who have been treating them for years, eating disorders can be confusing illnesses. Explore the types of eating disorders, their signs & symptoms, risk factors, and treatment in this one-hour seminar. Learn practical steps for supporting loved ones and tips for discussing this often-misunderstood topic.

Understanding Body Dysmorphic Disorder | Wed 2/22 | 12-1:00p CST
Body Dysmorphic Disorder is defined by negative self-image and misperceptions about appearance. Preoccupation with perceived flaws can result in anxiety, depression, and social isolation. Explore the diagnostic criteria, symptoms, and common misconceptions of body dysmorphic disorder in this one-hour seminar. Discuss treatment options and learn practical tips for managing symptoms and helping others.

Understanding Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) | Thurs 2/23 | 12-1:00p CST
Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder is an eating disorder characterized by very selective eating habits, a disturbance in eating patterns, or both. Separate myths and facts and explore the signs and symptoms, prevalence, and treatment of this often-misunderstood diagnosis. Learn practical tips to manage symptoms and support loved ones in this one-hour seminar.

Supporting Emotional Regulation in Youth: Being a Calming Presence & Making Amends | Mon 2/27 | 12-1:00p CST
How can we best support children when they get stuck in a storm of big emotions? Learn how to be a calming presence in a child’s moment of distress and how to repair damage the storm has done in this one-hour seminar with a licensed therapist. 
Sponsored by Polk County Iowa’s Behavioral Health and Disability Services agency

Understanding Schizoaffective Disorder | Tues 2/28 | 12-1:00p CST
Schizoaffective disorder is a complicated illness that is often confused with other disorders. Explore the diagnostic criteria, signs, and symptoms that differentiate schizoaffective disorder from other illnesses. This one-hour seminar includes information on causation, risk factors, treatment options, and ways to cope if you or a loved one have been diagnosed.

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You are invited to attend a free webinar showcasing. Conducted by the Legal Unit, 
Behavioral Health Advocacy unit and the Long-Term Care Ombudsman programs

Feb 23rd | 1:30p

Services provided by Legal Aid of WV   

  • Legal services for low-income individuals and families, including benefits.

  • A Long-Term Care Ombudsman advocates for residents in long-term care facilities. 

  • FAST advocate for children in schools with educational plans.

  • BHA advocates individuals with mental health, intellectual disabilities, and Substance Misuse Disorder. 


Who can benefit:  

  • Community Service Providers

  • DHHR Service Providers

  • Families of individuals with mental health issues and SUD

  • All Agencies that work with West Virginia residents 

  • General Public


In this webinar, Trooper First Class T. D. McFeeley member of the Crimes Against Children’s Unit of the State Police, will provide general education on the internet, it’s dangers and safety concerns. 

Learning Objectives 

  • Healthy technology in the home

  • How to teach our students/children about internet safety concerns

  • Legal ramifications of an online presence

  • WV State law regarding texting/sexting


This webinar training is 1.5 hours.  CEUs: 1.5 CEUs will be provided for social workers.

Webinar Audience: This webinar was designed for Middle & High School Parents, Professionals working youth, School Counselors, and Social Workers. Credentials are not required to enroll, anyone is welcome to participate in the online course. 


Trooper, First Class T.D. McFeeley, West Virginia State Police


Trooper First Class T. D. McFeeley member of the Crimes Against Children’s Unit of the State Police, will provide general education on the internet, it’s dangers and safety concerns. TFC McFeeley has been a member of the WV State Police force for 8 years, stationed around the state. He is currently stationed at South Charleston and has served in Clay, Calhoun, Kanawha and Mason Counties. He has investigated a variety of cases and now specializes in the online exploitation of children cases along with sexual/abuse cases with children.


MARCH 2023 SEMINAR SERIES • MAR 7, 8, 9, 2023 • 1pm (Zoom)

West Virginia University Center for Excellence in Disabilities (CED) is hosting a webinar series via Zoom for parents or caregivers, who have children with a disability up to 12 years old interested in general information about promoting their child's development.

In each webinar, a Parent Network Specialist and Triple P practitioner from the Family-to-Family Program will lead the presentation. A behavior specialist from the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Program will also participate to conduct a Questions & Answer session for tips and strategies. Parenting Tip Packets will be made available to all participants. 

Registration is free but required. Simply click on the ZOOM link provided to register and receive the login info.

Using the link below, register for one, two or all seminars. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Join us for the online training Anger Management for Youth. During this free, interactive training, participants will learn strategies to identify and cope with their anger in healthier ways and be the bigger person. No CEUs are available for this training as it is geared toward youth. A certificate of completion will be available. 

Training Objectives: 

• Identify what it feels like to be angry 

• Discuss stress reduction tactics 

• Practice relaxation strategies such as progressive muscle relaxation 


For more information please contact us at 855-558-4296 or at

You can also scan the QR code to register!

If you are a youth serving organization and wish to request a training contact 

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