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Thank you for your generous donation!

What your contribution means to West Virginia's youth.

Without adequate support too many children fall through the cracks and grow up to become statistics in drug usage, overdoses, abuse, dropouts, unemployment, and even incarcerations.


Inspiring Dreams Network, Corp. (IDN) works to support struggling youth through building a network of trained, informed adults in our communities. We do this by providing training, consultation, and continually researching and providing high quality resources for youth, families, and youth-serving adults through our Youth Development Portal.


Founded by highly qualified educational and mental health professionals, IDN works in partnership with schools, resource agencies, mental health professionals, and other volunteer organizations to build a network to support and inspire youth. With connections to caring, trained adults,  youth are more likely to become successful, and live happy, well-rounded lives.


CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE.   Partnering with us increases IDN's capacity to build a stronger network of trained volunteers and professionals. Dreams and success can be inspired, and a better life can become a reality. Imagine West Virginia’s future when the inspired youth embrace their potential and become contributing productive community members.


Our capacity to serve youth is limited by funding. We invite you to DONATE NOW by  clicking on the  "I want to help" button.  No donation is too small or large and your donation is tax deductible.

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