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Mary Jane Pope Albin

Co-chair Training and Development

Mary served as an educator and in school system administration for nearly 47 years and is currently retired. She is the proud mother of three children and Mimi to 5 grandchildren.

Mary holds a Master of Science and is certified in K thru Adult education, Educational Leadership, Supervision, Curriculum & Instruction, Vocational Education, Cooperative Education, Advanced Facilitator, Coaching for Learning, Instructional Practices Inventory, Covey Trainer, Teacher of the Handicapped. She is a leader dedicated to student learning through the improvement of professional practice. Mary Jane has served as a teacher, building administrator, county supervisor, assistant director/director and coordinator II, state school improvement specialist, superintendent of county schools and is an innovator.


She has and continues to provide support for schools, teachers, students, communities to develop systems and processes within schools/county to meet the goals of student learning. She is an innovator in supporting projects enhancing the educational learning community. Focused on Student Learning, improved student and teacher leadership through professional learning, she is dedicated to using innovative technology as a support for and of learning. Some of her qualities, include but are not limited to:


  • Leader of professional organizations and nationally recognized teacher

  • Continuous learner and investigator of research to improve learning for students 

  • Innovator of practice to improve the work of educators, boards and advisory groups

  • Strong communication skills and data driven focus

  • Interactive presenter of difficult content making it usable for professional groups

  • Ability to support the work of community/student groups as displayed by common vision

  • Lead by example to collaboratively complete the work of educators

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