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Conference Meeting

Teresa E. Epperley

Training and Development Committee - Co-Chair

Teresa comes to Inspiring Dreams Network (IDN) with a strong educational background. Her formal education includes a Master’s in Secondary Education with a focus on curriculum and instruction and a bachelor’s degree in education with an emphasis in English Language Arts. A certification in remedial reading for grades one through adult and another certification in middle childhood education together with the two college degrees provides a strong foundation for Teresa’s education career.

Throughout Teresa’s nearly thirty years as an educator she served in a variety of capacities including classroom teacher, lead academic coach, curriculum coordinator, program director, teacher quality coordinator and regional school support specialist. While teaching high school English during the day, Teresa also found time to teach world literature at night as an adjunct professor for Concord University. With each position she held, Teresa’s vision for her students was always the same: she wanted each of them to be successful. 


Teresa began her career as a teacher in the Raleigh County school system teaching reading and English at the junior high and high school levels. It was during her tenure in Raleigh County that she pursued and achieved National Board Certification, the highest level of achievement a teacher can attain. From Raleigh County, Teresa went to work with the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) where she first served as the lead academic coach for Transition to Teaching (TtT) and later in WVDE’s Office of Professional Preparation in the roles of program director (for TtT), curriculum coordinator, and teacher quality coordinator. 


Following her tenure at WVDE, Teresa worked for RESA 1 as a Regional School Support Specialist, a position in which she helped to create and build a program to ensure the at-risk population of students throughout the six-county area served by RESA 1 would not only experience academic success, but, through the support of a graduation coach, would also use their success to become a high school graduate. Teresa worked closely with the leadership teams at each school and with the graduation coaches whom she hired and trained. During the time Teresa worked with the 14 high schools served by RESA 1, nearly all schools experienced some success within their at-risk population of students in attendance and/or graduation rate and/or dropout rate. 


Married for more than forty-five years to her high school sweetheart, Teresa and her husband are the proud parents of two grown sons. Although recently retired from her education career, Teresa remains busy. Whether it is doing the work of an IDN Board member or caring for her elderly father, Teresa fills her days doing work that is meaningful and of which she is proud.  Teresa is excited to be a member of the IDN Board, a role in which she can continue to support at-risk youth in ways that will inspire them and preserve their success.

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